Postal Project is an ongoing project involving any number of people within any number of groups.

Currently there are four postal projects criss-crossing the South of England via Royal Mail. This means there are four books being posted in pillar boxes and through letterboxes, between friends who add a piece of work to the book they’ve just received and then send it on to the next person within their group.

The books are, essentially, shared sketch books allowing the possibility of 'conversations' over time and across distances.
A Sussex Highway
'A Sussex Highway'
With work by Elena Massucco, Gareth Hallberg,
Andrew Gibbs, James Norton and Craig Riley

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Photograph Album
'Photograph Album'
With work by Elena Massucco and Polly Horner

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Cats in Colour
'Cats in Colour'
With work by Elena Massucco and Sandra Douglas

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The Penguin New Writing
'The Penguin New Writing'
With work by Elena Massucco and Jan Horner

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